Establishes a single version of data accessible to your entire organization.

Supports both cloud and on-premise architecture.

Interoperability with analysis and operation systems.

Dynamic Reports needed for compliance submission.

The Suite

Your Survey Data Across GIS Platforms

EnerGISuite Survey is a survey mobile application use for gathering information and location (coordinates) of Electric Facilities – pole, primary line, load center, secondary line, capacitor, avr, and isolation devices. It is designed to help users to easily facilitate the acquisition of data information.
EnerGISuite Survey shortens the workflow for field survey activities from the conventional survey steps (Map Printing, List Printing, Deployment, Capture Data by writing on paper, Digitizing Map, Encoding Data) to innovative process (Map Printing, Deployment, Capture Data by encoding on EnerGISuite Survey, Export Data to Map). This will save more time and minimize windows of errors.

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