Mental Health Tips: Cyberbullying Prevention

Prevention In 2021 with advanced technology and access to communication it is easier than ever to become a victim of a bully. If you’re an adult this may sound silly, but humans of all ages are now targets because of the internet. The more information we tend to put out there the more negative feedback […]

Dog Tips: Teaching Your Pup How to Stay

Teaching your dog to stay is a valuable command for their safety and your peace of mind. Before you teach this command, make sure that your dog is proficient at sit and lie down. Additionally, when you are speaking a command you want your dog to listen to you. If your furry friend struggles in […]

Dog Tips: Toxic Foods to Avoid

As a dog owner, it’s extremely important to know what types of food are toxic for your furry friend. Moreover, many people may be tempted to give their dog all of their food scraps, but this is not a good habit to get into. There are some fruits, vegetables, and other types of food that […]

Mental Health Tips: It’s Okay to Take a Self-Care Day

Back to Reality As we get back into the speed of everyday life it is important to prioritize our mental health. Quarantine was a great time to reflect and focus on one’s self. This is why it is of the utmost importance to bring good self-care habits back into our daily lives. Whether you’re going […]